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Rehabilitation Abstracts from the 2010 CMSC Annual Meeting

The 2010 Annual Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) was held in San Antonio, Texas.

  • S12 – Effects of LSVT┬« on Voice and Respiration in Individuals with MS (pdf)
  • S14 – Effectiveness of Balance Disorders Rehabilitation Treatments in Multiple Sclerosis Subjects: A Pilot Randomized Control Trial Assessing the Wii Balance Board Gaming System (pdf)
  • S15 – Effectiveness of the Wii on Standing Balance in Individuals with MS (pdf)
  • S30 – Development of a Comprehensive Fatigue Assessment Battery for Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S33 – Computerized Testing to Screen for Cognitive Impairment in MS (pdf)
  • S36 – A Combination of Robot-Assisted and Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training Improves Gait in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S38 – Participants’ Progress Through a Teleconference Fatigue Management Program (pdf)
  • S39 – Thermosensitivity and Fatigue Affect Participation in Physical Activity in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S47 – The Rehabilitation Neurofunctional and Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation (pdf)
  • S52 – Post-Baseline Changes in Health-Related Quality of Life Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients in a Real-World Observational Outcomes Study (ROBUST) (pdf)
  • S59 – Developing a Wellness Program for People with Multiple Sclerosis: Desription and Initial Results (pdf)
  • S62 – Factors Contributing to the Quality of Life Among Individuals with MS (pdf)
  • S66 – Post-Baseline Changes in Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients in a Real-World Observational Outcomes Study (ROBUST) (pdf)
  • S68 – Measuring Physical Function in MS: Extending the PROMIS Bank for AT Users (pdf)
  • S70 – Muscular and Gait Abnormalities in Patients with a First Clinically Demeyelinating Episode Suggestive of Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S76 – Comparison of Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) Neuroprosthesis and Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (pdf)
  • S85 – Post Void Residual (PVR) Evaluation in MS Patients (pdf)
  • S87 – The Measurement of Upper Extremity Learned Nonuse in Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S94 – Improvement in MS-Related Disability is Associated with Improvement in QoL (pdf)
  • S97 – Fatigue and Depression are Independent Predictors of Naturally Occurring Changes in Physical Activity in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S103 – Challenges in the Treatment of Mobility Loss and Walking Impairment in MS (pdf)
  • S104 – Exploring the Potential of Nintendo Wii to Promote Exercise in Persons with MS (pdf)
  • S114 – Dalfampridine Improves Walking in MS Patients: Pooled Data From 3 Clinical Trials (pdf)
  • S115 – Resumption of Ambulation in a Non-Ambulatory 68 Year Old Female with MS Following Physical Therapy with Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Specialists (pdf)
  • S124 – Spasticity, Mobility, and Balance in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S143 – The Impact of Gait Disability on the Calibration of Accelerometer Output in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S142 – Accelerometry: Free-Living Measure of Ambulatory Impairments in Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • S148 – Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement by a Rehabilitation Team: Impact on MS Care (pdf)
  • P01 – Cognitive Assessment in Multiple Sclerosis: A Clinical Approach (pdf)
  • P12 – Clinical Usefulness of the Physical Functioning Measures in Ambulatory People With Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • P14 – Symptoms That Predict Participation in People with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • P15 – Teleconference-Delivered Fatigue Management: Efficacy and Effectiveness (pdf)
  • P18 – Psychometric Evaluation of the Quality of Life Scale Related to Bowel Management in People with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • P19 – Effect of a Single Bout of Intermittent Versus Continuous Walking on Perceptions of Fatigue in People with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • P20 – Validation of the Performance Scales Spasticity Subscale (pdf)
  • P21 – “Spasticity: Take Control,” a New DVD, Presents an Educational Program for Managing Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity (pdf)
  • P22 – Physical Activity Predicts Progression of Mobility Impairments in Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • P23 – Validity, Reliability, and Sensitivity of Three Gait Measures in Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • P24 – Effectiveness of Urinary Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis Patients (pdf)
  • W20 – Validating a Cognitive Rehabilitation Program for Executive Deficits in Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
  • W27 – Strategies for Yoga Teachers: Adaptive Mat Yoga for People Living with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)

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